Passport Problems

California Child Support - Passport Problems
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Passport Problems

If your back child support has ever exceeded $2500, you will be unable to either get a passport or renew your passport.

Other than paying off your arrears entirely, there are limited exceptions under which you can obtain a passport release.

One of the exceptions relates to life/death situations involving a relative. One of the other exceptions is where you need to have a passport in order to be able to keep your job.

We were able to obtain a release for a commercial pilot whose job involved having to sometimes fly into other countries; and, he would not be able to keep his job unless he was able to obtain a release of his passport.

Because of the particular circumstances of his case, we were able to successfully petition for approval to have his passport released.

If you are unable to obtain a passport and believe you may be entitled to relief, please contact us for a consultation.