Dismissal of Invalid Court Judgments

California Child Support - Dismissal of Invalid Court Judgments
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Dismissal of Invalid Court Judgments

If your back child support is based upon an Invalid Court Judgment (e.g., you were never properly served with Court papers, and/or the Judgment was entered without your having been to Court), all or a portion of the debt can be wiped-out if the Judgment is “set-aside.”

In one of our cases, where the parent was “served” at the wrong address, we were able to wipe-out more than $27,000 that the County was alleging was owed (to the County, not to the other parent).

Since there are oftentimes Strict Time Deadlines on making these Motions, it is IMPORTANT that you take action Right Away !!!

If you believe that you may be entitled to legal relief, you may set up a consultation by emailing us or calling (310) 479-2441.