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Inspiring: Real Child Support Success Stories

Here are client testimonials and reviews representing the many different types of real cases handled by our office, including: (1) Contesting Paternity; (2) “Equitable Forgiveness” of back pay arrears; (3) Dismissal of Invalid Judgments; (4) Release of Passport; (5) Compromises of back child support owed to State of California; (5) Settlements of arrearages owing to the other parent;(5) Adjustments to incorrect arrears billing statements; (6) Fighting Bank Levies (garnishments) on Retirement Accounts; (7) Drivers’ License Release; (7) Insurance License Release; (8) Modification of child support,  and more . . .

Client Reviews & Testimonials

Robert Ackermann is an experienced LA based Fathers Rights attorney who has successfully handled countless DCSS matters throughout more than 20 Counties in the State of California. Here are examples of the many types of child support problems that parents face as well as the ways in which these problems can be handled.

Remember – under California law you cannot get out of paying child support. But you do have important rights to help to protect yourself against unreasonable governmental action. If you are facing difficult child support problems, you can call our office to discuss your case. If you are out-of-state or out-of-area, we can arrange to for you to appear by telephone or to not have to appear in Court.

Paternity Test for “Dad” (Orange County DCSS)

“I was a cast member on a nationally-syndicated morning radio show. One day, out-of-the-blue, I was served with child support papers, which said that I was the father of a six year old that I had never met.

I was very nervous and very confused. I didn’t know if I was the father, or if I was targeted because of whatever public profile that I had. Bob and Bernal helped me by explaining exactly what my rights were, and by setting-up DNA testing without ever having to go to Court. A few weeks later I got the results, and they turned out to be negative. It felt like the happiest day of my life; because, I was not going to be forced to pay a massive amount of child support in a situation where I was not the father. Thank you Bob and Bernal.”

“Big Tad”, Adam Carolla Show”

“Equitable Forgiveness” of Arrears (Los Angeles County)

“Even though my son had been living with me full-time for more than 2½ years, I found out that LA County had still been charging me for child support of $370 per month. I tried handling things myself, but the people at the DA’s office barely spoke with me, and they told me that nothing could be done.

As a last chance, I hired an attorney, Robert Ackermann. We went to Court, and were able to wipe out more than $11,000 of back child support, plus interest. My advice is – – if you want to get a good outcome, you’ve got to hire an attorney who is experienced in child support.”

Sincerely, Jimmy R., Los Angeles, California

Dismissal of Invalid Judgment in San Bernardino County

“Before I met Bob Ackermann, I owed almost $30,000 to the County on back child support, and I did not feel that this was justified. When Bob and I went to Court, he proved that the judgment against me was void, and that I actually owed ZERO. He then had the Court dismiss my case entirely.

Without a debt of $30,000 hanging over my head, I was finally able to move on with my life.”

Sincerely, David H., San Bernardino, California

Compromise of $28K Back Support  (Los Angeles County)

“Hi Bob,

Just wanted to drop you a line about how my world has changed since you helped me to get through the quagmire that is Department of Child Services . It’s been a little over a year and I haven’t had that awful feeling of impending doom every time I had to deal with the DA’s office. I’ve not had my driver’s license revoked, suspended or had my bank accounts frozen. My credit score is now just over 730 up from 500. I also have a new job with the city and have a nice apt with nice furniture to boot. So thanks again for all your help and now 14 months since my release from that burden I can earnestly say THANK YOU to you and my higher power for putting you guys in my life.

God Bless, Michael, Los Angeles, CA”

Settlement of $80K Arrears with Mom (Sacramento County)

“My husband and I had been trying to resolve a back child support matter, and had initially hired an attorney in the County where the support was due. All this attorney did was to get us into a bind. The County denied our application and the DA wanted $60,000 immediately.

Before we found Mr. Ackermann, we were completely disgusted with the whole process. The previous attorney had not been able to get anything resolved. But because Bob worked like a bulldog on the problem, he pulled a rabbit out of a hat for us. Because interest was adding up all the time, he settled our case for a total savings of more than $50,000.

We are now going to be able to put all this behind us because Robert Ackermann is an honest person and a great attorney. He was always there to talk to us and explain the process, which is very important when you are the little guy going up against a powerful organization like the County. I finally feel like the monkey is off our backs.

Thank you for everything Bob,

Carol and Steve W., Sacramento, CA

Settlement of Arrears Owing to Mom and to Orange County

My husband and I discovered that our home was in jeopardy due to a very old child support order. We felt that the back child support (for more than $80,000) was vastly overstated, but we also discovered that it could no longer be contested.

Shortly after meeting with Mr. Ackermann, he worked out an arrangement with the mother and Orange County to reduce arrears by 75%. He also ensured that before we actually paid the settlement money, the Court Order was changed. We learned that if we didn’t get a change in the Court Order, we might have paid out the settlement, but yet still been responsible for the rest of the back child support, plus interest.

The matter is now completely resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, and we are very relieved that our home is no longer at risk.

Sincerely, Cathy M., Costa Mesa, California

Passport Release for Dad  (State of California, Passport Office)

I am the business manager of a Christian Gospel musical group. Earlier this year our Group was invited to perform in Suriname (which is in South America) to assist a charity in the building of a church. We accepted the invitation, not knowing that because of a back child support problem (which was contested) the lead singer of our group would have problems in obtaining a Passport. This was a big problem, because without our lead singer, we would not be able to do any performances. After initially researching the problem, I felt as though we would have to cancel.

We contacted Mr. Ackermann and he proposed a creative resolution which was acceptable to both the mother and the LA County child support agency. The Passport paperwork was expedited, and we were able to obtain the Passport just several days before our departure.

Sincerely, Doris B., Los Angeles, California

Correction of DCSS Accounting Error / Release of Insurance License (Los Angeles County)

I was completely on-time with all of my support payments, but due to an accounting error by LA County, the California Dept. of Insurance was about to suspend my license. If I had lost my insurance license, my entire business could have been ruined.

I tried to correct the error through many phone calls, but felt that I was only given the run-around. I contacted Robert Ackermann, and he was able to directly contact the appropriate persons who were then able to release my license without us ever having to go to Court. This was all taken care of within just two days of my first call to Robert, and only days before the suspension was to take effect. Robert even met with me on a Sunday night to get the paperwork signed, so that it could be filed Monday morning.

Sincerely, Ian C., Ontario, California

Child Support Modification (Los Angeles County)

“I am a single father, who has more than 50% custody of my teenage son. Several years ago, a bad divorce settlement left me alone, jobless, running out of money and in arrears on my child support payments.

Robert Ackermann reviewed my case and filed for a “Modification of Child Support”. Now, instead of paying $500 per month, I am receiving over $1000 per month from my ex-wife. Before meeting Bob, I had never had legal counsel in my life, but now I’ll never make a move without him. He has changed my life.”

Sincerely, Rick S., Santa Monica, CA

Compromise of Arrears owing to LA County and to Mom

“For many years I was burdened by a back child support case with arrears of $26,000.00 (mostly because of interest). Due to my circumstances, I could not repay it. My children are already adults, and I am on a limited income.

Because of this case, my driver’s license was revoked. I hired Robert Ackermann to assist me in getting my license reinstated. Bob not only helped me get my license back, but he was able to wipe out the $26,000 child support debt and settled the case for $587.00 with the County. This was a reduction of more than 97%.

The benefits that resulted in settling this case will change my life for the better in so many ways. Now, none of my income will be garnished. I am able to file a joint tax return with my wife and know that our tax refund will come to us instead of being garnished. Last year, I applied for a U.S. passport and was denied due to this case. My wife and I can now make plans to travel out of the country. I will also be able to repair my credit with the removal of the back child support case from my credit history, enabling me to borrow money when I need it.

Thanks to Bob, I feel as if a giant weight was lifted from my shoulders, financially and emotionally.”

Sincerely, Erwin A., Pasadena, California

Stopping Constant  Enforcement Efforts by County (Los Angeles, CSSD)

I was having so many issues with child support I didn’t know what to do. The Child Support Department levied my bank account and took all of my money, leaving me with $1.00 in my account. My license was being taken from me even though Child Support was getting a garnishment of my wages. My driver’s license was being suspended with no notice at all and I was in jeopardy of losing my job because I couldn’t manage to keep my license. I felt like I was on a treadmill, just spinning my wheels and getting nowhere with the problem.

I talked to a total of 13 attorneys over the course of 7 years that all claimed to be experts in the area of Child Support and family law matters, but even after all the consultations and a loss of about $1,500.00 in attorney fees, I was still unable to find one that was able to do something to help my situation. I got the impression during many of those consultations that the attorney didn’t really understand the Child Support laws well enough to navigate my complex case, especially not the County DCSS system in California.

I was fortunate enough to call Mr. Robert Ackermann about my case and felt for the first time that I had found someone that knew the California Child Support laws well enough to help me. Mr. Ackermann was able to go to court and iron out an agreement with the Child Support Department. He was able to find out exactly what my arrears really were, and got my license reinstated and best of all, stopped the enforcement against me!

I highly recommend Mr. Robert Ackermann to anyone needing a good Family Law / Child Support attorney that knows what they’re doing. His fees were reasonable, and he was very attentive to my case, keeping in constant contact with me and updating me along the way.

Dan O., Cleveland, Ohio

Fighting Bank Levy on Retirement Account (Orange County DCSS)

My husband and I live in Michigan. We were shocked one day to find out that our entire savings (a $24,000 retirement account) had been garnished by Orange County for back child support. This was devastating because my husband needed these funds for educational training in order to keep his job.

Although we had been paying on arrears for more than 20 years, we were told that my husband still owed $50,000. More than $40,000 of this was for interest. The reason we could never to catch up was because of the very high interest rate that was being charged by the County.

We were told that if we wanted to contest the bank levy, we needed to file an exemption in California within 10 days. We found Robert Ackermann with just 2 days to go. He was able to prepare the paperwork and get it filed before the deadline. He also arranged for my husband to testify by phone instead of having to go to California.

Although our exemption claim was contested by both the County and the Mom, Mr. Ackermann outlined our position to the Court, and the Court ruled that the funds should be returned to us. But even though this was what we wanted, this was not where it ended. Mr. Ackermann approached the Mom after the hearing, and showed her that almost everything that was owed was owed for interest.

Mr. Ackermann was then able to negotiate with Mom to settle the case for $12,000. Mr. Ackermann got the County on-board, and within just a couple weeks everything was done. After the case was settled, we got a Court Order saying that we owed nothing further on back support and that our case was officially “closed.”

I would highly recommend Mr. Ackermann on a California child support case to anyone who lives out-of-state. He was not just highly knowledgeable about the law but he was also committed to protecting our interests. And he was willing to go “above and beyond” in finding an opportunity to get our case completely resolved.

Linda and Steven L.,   Ann Arbor, MI

Settlement of Arrears with Los Angeles County

For more than ten years, I owed over $10,000 in back child support to the County. Most of this was interest. Bob Ackermann negotiated a compromise with the County to have this amount lowered to less than 25% of what was owed. This partial payment was accepted as payment-in-full. The burden of paying off my back child support debt was finally lifted from my shoulders.”

Sincerely, Arthur F., Westchester, California

Disclaimer: None of these testimonials or endorsements constitute any guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.