About Robert Ackermann

Robert Ackermann, Child Support & Custody Attorney

Robert Ackermann is a 20+ years’ experienced Los Angeles-based attorney focused on handling Fathers Rights cases that deal with California child support and child custody issues. Mr. Ackermann has successfully represented clients in in Los Angeles County as well as in countless DCSS matters throughout more than 20 Counties in California.

We understand that dealing with the State of California and County DCSS  can be paralyzing and can easily make your life unmanageable.

Robert Ackermann has dealt with DCSS child support matters (in Los Angeles County as well as throughout all of California) involving all of the following types of issues:

  • Back Child Support (Arrearages);
  • Settlements & Compromises
  • Modification of Child Support;
  • Driver’s License Suspensions;
  • Suspensions of Contractor’s Licenses & other Professional Licenses;
  • Paternity / DNA Testing;
  • Set-Asides (Dismissal) of Void Judgments
  • Passport Revocations & Releases;
  • Wage Garnishments & Wage Assignments;
  • Social Security & SSDI Garnishments;
  • Bank Levies & Garnishments;
  • Federal Intercepts of Tax Refunds;
  • Real Estate Liens (and other Property Liens);
  • Liens on Personal Injury Settlements;
  • Workers Compensation Liens;
  • Criminal Contempt

Remember – under California law you have important rights to help to protect yourself against unreasonable governmental action. If you are facing difficult child support or custody problems, you can call our office to discuss your case. If you are out-of-state or out-of-area, we can arrange to for you to appear by telephone or to not have to appear in Court at all.