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Mr. Robert Ackermann has more than 20 years of hands-on experience practicing Family Law, specifically in the area of Child Support issues. We take great pride in sayng that we have successfully litigated more than 500 cases. Each and every case is very important to us, and we work each case as it were our only case. Please see our Testimonials page where you can read about what our clients have to say about our service.

Defending Fathers Rights for Over Two Decades

We specialize in the area of California County-enforced child support cases. We have successfully handled California cases where the non-custodial parent (NCP) resides out-of-State. We are also experts in the areas of Back Child Support (Arrears), Bank Levies, Wage Garnishments, Child Support Modifications, Child Custody, Workers’ Compensation Settlements, Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Levies.

License Suspensions

If the County is taking action to suspend your license or if your license is already suspended, you need to take action right away. Take the first step toward getting your license back, by contacting Robert Ackermann now, for a no-cost consultation.

Passport Denials

If your back child support (Arrears) exceeds $2500.00, you will be unable to either get a passport or renew your passport. If you are unable to obtain a passport, there are circumstances in which we can convince the court to issue a release. Contact Robert Ackermann now for a free consultation today!


If you have Arrears (back-child-support), the County is permitted to attach your earnings through a Wage Garnishment, as well as through (If applicable) a Social Security Disability Garnishment, a Social Security Benefits Garnishment, a Workers’ Compensation Lien, a Personal Injury Lien and Bank Levy. If a Garnishment or Lien has been placed against you, we can help! Assert your rights and Call Robert Ackermann right now for a free consultation!


California law entitles you to a recalculation of child support payments if you have additional children, your income has gone down, your custody percentage has gone up, or your original computation was wrong. Contact Robert Ackermann now to see if you’re eligible for a Child Support Modification to lower your payments.

Compromise of Arrears (COAP)

For cases where back child support (arrears) is owed to the County, there are cases in which we can reduce your arrears up to 90% or even more. In many cases, we have successfully negotiated settlements between the non-custodial parent (NCP) and the County. Please see a sample of just some the settlements our Firm has negotiated with various California Counties. To see if you qualify for the Compromise of Arrears program, contact the Law Offices of Robert Ackermann now. The consultation is free and there is no obligation to retain our legal services.

Court Judgments

If you were never properly served with Court papers, and a Judgment was entered against you, all or a portion of the debt can be forgiven by the court. Call the Law Offices of Robert Ackermann immediately if you believe you have an invalid court Judgment.

Are you overwhelmed with Child Support issues and need a Fathers Rights Advocate on your side?

Robert Ackermann is an experienced Fathers Rights attorney with a proven track record, that understands how to navigate the California Child Support System and get the results his clients deserve!
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