Attorney Robert Ackermann
Hands-On Advocate

Representing YOU with Child Support and Custody Matters
for Over 20 Years

We make it Right for You dealing with issues in

  • County-enforced child support.
  • Out-of-State clients who have had continuing, long-standing child-support matters in California.
  • Exempting funds garnished by County from Bank Accounts, including from out of Retirement Accounts
  • Contesting attempts by County to garnish entire Personal Injury and/or Workers’ Comp Settlements.
  • Reducing Social Security garnishments to Zero where minor children are involved.
  • Reducing Social Security Disability garnishments to just 5% of benefits.
  • Negotiating Compromises of up to 90% of Back Support (in cases involving governmental arrears).
  • Settling cases where substantial Arrears are owed to the Other Parent (in cases involving non-governmental arrears).
  • Passport Releases for Clients whose jobs require travel outside the U.S.
  • Preparing/filing Child Custody paperwork and arranging for Telephonic Court Appearance for Parents who live Out-of-State.


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